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Buy Tickets Here!


We only sell tickets for larger events – any events that have pre-sale tickets available online can be purchased by clicking the image above. You can also often buy tickets here at the bar or at My Mind’s Eye! These are all shows that will most likely sell out the night of the show, so don’t worry about missing out, and get your tickets!!

Posted by an asshole on October 13th, 2014

OBN IIIs 10/21

obniiis< Kickass garage rock n roll from Austin, TX with OBN III's! Also playing will be SMOOTH BRAIN and CHEAP CLONE!

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Hillbilly Sundays!


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El Rey’s Puposas! 1/8

$1.50 gets you:
-A pupusa of your choice:
-Bean and Cheese
-Revuelta (a mixture of cheese, beans, and this week I’ll have
-Curtido (Salavdoran slaw)
-Salsa de tomate (spiced up tomato sauce)

ONLY $1.50!!!!
I’ll be bringing them pre-made to the bar the first week so once they’re out THEY’RE OUT! I’m gonna try and make this a weekly thing, different meat for the Revuelta pupusas and make them behind the bar. Come out! Drink specials, birds night, WOOO!

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New! Meat Treats!

MEAT TREATS! We now carry the best homeade smokies from the J&J Czuchraj Stand at the West Side MARKET. 3 varieties right now. Ask the foxxy lady behind the bar.

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Nik Turner Rocking NTC!

Live 10/23/13!

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Great Cleveland Bartender: Crystin

Crystin featured in a video from the Plain Dealer!

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We lasted six years!

Technically today March 4, 2013 is officially our 6 year anniversary. We are having a party honoring our 6 year anniversary on March 30th instead of today due to scheduling conflicts. Stay tuned for details and special events. We take great pride in polluting, disgracing and corrupting the city of Cleveland even more than it already was. It is small miracle that we made it this far when everyone including myself doubted we would make it this far. Thanks to all our loved and annoying patrons, incompetent staff, all the bands that have played here, all the freaks, panhandlers, drag queens, crackheads, deadbeats, misfits, VIP’s, nerds, rejects, close talkers & fallen heroes of NTC that make this place what it is. In honor of our 6 year anniversary, listen to this!

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No, the man himself wasn’t here – but we still celebrated his 73rd birthday with Coe vinyl all night!

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Memories of Rue Lafayette

Some great photos of our one-night only French cafe! Fine dining was enjoyed by all.

On September 7th, watch for our next one-night only alley event – CLUB MEMOIRS! Due to popular demand, our alley way will be transformed once again into a cafe for Gay New Wave Night called Club Memoirs! Enjoy table service, Lights, a wine list, 80′s drink specials, NEW WAVE and more surprises!

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