1. All shows are booked through booking@nowthatsclass.net or the Now That’s Class Booking Form.

attention: Paul.

2. Load in time is no later than 9 pm. The bar opens at 6 pm daily and typically the first band goes on or around 10 pm unless otherwise noted.

3. We ask each band to keep their set to a maximum of 30 minutes unless you are the headliner or it is agreed upon prior to the show! This will be strongly enforced. If you are a new local band and you want people to be interested in watching your band, don’t play for 45 minutes. That is a sure way for people to leave the room. Keep it short and keep it interesting.

4. Each band gets free drink tickets for each member who is 21 and over. If the show is well attended, you will receive extra drink tickets!

5. We have an excellent sound system. We typically take the first $50 at the door to pay the sound and door guy. The rest goes to the bands. Typically the touring band gets a higher percentage for gas money, food, etc.

6. We do our best to promote, flier and advertise the shows. If no one shows up or is not familiar with your band, we can only pay you so much. We always try to at least give the bands gas money and treat them as fairly as possible.

7. The address of Now That’s Class is 11213 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44102. The bar’s phone number is 216-221-8576. Send all promotional items to this address. Bands are welcome to park in the parking lot behind the club located between W. 112TH St. and W. 114TH St.

8. –by the annoyed door guy–

We usually charge around 5 dollars for a show. This is so the bands can get paid. the bar makes NO money from the door (see points 5 and 6) -and five dollars for 3 or 4 bands its fucking dirt CHEAP anyways- ok?